Monday, June 21, 2010

Which is the best designer mascara to buy?

I usually use ysl false effet mascara but i find it goes clumpy quickly,ive heard dior do good ones?Which is the best designer mascara to buy?
For Fuller lashes I use mineral wear from Physician formula. I use this as a base mascara,

then I use FIBERWIG mascara on top of it for length. it's seriously the BEST mascara ever if you're looking for the long fake-eyelash look. they call themselves ';paint-on'; fake eyelashes. when I take the makeup off. it looks like my eyelashes are coming off. but they're really not! it has fibers on EVERY single application. it's really nice.

now the physician formula's about $8 at your local drugstore, and you can buy fiberwig ($22) from Sephora, or online. I know you might think it's a little pricey but it's DEFINITELY worth it!! I'm a starving college student, but I DEF. consider Fiberwig a worthy SPLURGE! :D

Hope that helps!

p.s the dior show is not bad. but it dries out pretty fast, so it only lasts about a month and a half.Which is the best designer mascara to buy?
Most of the time I notice that the mascara from japanese brands are always nicer than the mascaras for salling in western countries.

the japanese mascaras provideing the longer lash and fuller.

My best mascara are ';paul %26amp; Joe'; french brand but blooming in japan, its produced by japanese sciencetists.

then ';bloom cosmstic';. this one is australian brand that salling in japan and asian countries.

Please help mine.;鈥?/a>
You should defnintely try Li lash

Its is recommended by doctors.

make your eyelash longer fuller thicker naturally.

and also curlier and sexier.

It is formulated by doctors and is used by many celebrities and yet the price is not that crazily expensive.

I use it all the time.

Think there is a discount now

$10 off plus free shipping

coupon: AFFSHIP

Good luck! =-)
I used to buy designer brands and they do not compare to Loreal's Voluminous blackest black mascara! Trust me my lashes are amazing and I always stand by this mascara, it lasts longer than the designer brands. It doesn't clump! It lenghthens and thickens.
Maybelline Great Lash. Just because it is cheaper than the designer ones doesn't mean it's worse. I've seen it top lots of magazines 'Best Mascara' comps and even in Vogue %26amp; Elle make-up artists say they love it.
just look in sephora ...i wanted to try ther ';oui aux volume no aux clumpe'; butthey didnt have and the lady was like lying to me and was like';oh... yeha we ran out of it? and theni went a couple days later and another lady told me they never had it!
i use face shop voluminous mascara. it's a korean brand and i find it to be really good. for western brand, i think Avon is also good.
dior show is really good, estee lauder turbo lash is also pretty good.

You can talk to a worker in a department store and they will recommend one for you
yes...dior's mascara is great! but i would suggest buying just a common drugstore one...that pink and green one is really good
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